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When You Realize Life’s Over…

When you realize life’s over
That you made a mistake
No heros will save you
sometimes its to late

Will you stress and analyze
Mistakes that were made
Or finally think positive
As they open your grave?



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I Write To Drain My Mind…

I write to drain my mind
Leaving evidence of my past
The stories ever changing
The subjects never last

How quick I turn and realize
My past is just my past
You breeze in through my life
Then out, your not the last.


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Watching Me…


Watching me
No longer in sight
Watching me
Through windows at night

You follow me
Through every site
Knowing your actions
Can’t be right

You follow me
In crowds of men
Wondering if
I’m with one of them

Obsessing over something-
You can’t have me!
I’m not yours-
I never will be!

Let it go
Just please move on
You have a life
Please be gone

Leave me be
I beg of you
What we had
It wasn’t true

Won’t lie and wait
Won’t be your prey
I’m not alone
Please stay away!



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For Once In My Life…

For once in my life
I’m without words
This blank page of paper
Looks so absurd

How can someone take
Such an immense role
To enter my life
And reign control

To tear down the walls
Windows shudder within
A tornado an earthquake
A home filledwith pain

This storm shall soon pass
But I fear for it’s peak
Only 7 more days
Only 1 more week.



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Daddy’s Girl…


I know what it looks like
From up here I can see
I don’t know what’s happened
As I look down on me

I didn’t do this myself
It wasn’t my fault
Posed like his trophy
Still holding my doll

Wearing my new dress
Please daddy don’t see
What this man
Has done to me

Please don’t tell him
That he touched me
Not to worry
Now I’m at peace.


This goes out to all the missing children in this world.


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I Lay Here


I lay here
Amongst the rubble
This place
Should I call it home?
By those who once loved it
In a maze of turmoil
As I lay here
I notice I’m not alone
They scurry
But avoid my stench
They escape
Through swollen plaster
It rained
My home is soaked throughout
I think
Yet nothing comes to me
I’m abandoned


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I Lay Alone…


I lay alone
Cardboard beneath me
Soggy from rain
Maybe I should leave

I saved my pages
I’ll always have my art
Not taken from me
Even as my world rots

I always have my pen
I’ll steal them if I must
Never get wet
Or alone I will rust

My eyes grow so weary
My hearts given up
Wake from this nightmare
My mind won’t stop



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