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Daddy’s Girl…


I know what it looks like
From up here I can see
I don’t know what’s happened
As I look down on me

I didn’t do this myself
It wasn’t my fault
Posed like his trophy
Still holding my doll

Wearing my new dress
Please daddy don’t see
What this man
Has done to me

Please don’t tell him
That he touched me
Not to worry
Now I’m at peace.


This goes out to all the missing children in this world.


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If I close my eyes real tight…

Thank you for the inspiration.

If I close my eyes real tight
I’ll see you once again
Faint smells in crowded rooms
Only finding where you’ve been

Sometimes I sense you staring
I turn quickly to find your face
But when I focus on you
Someones standing in your place

Maybe when I stop searching
You’ll find me here instead
You’ll miss that I stopped looking
You’ll miss me in your head

Maybe when that happens
We’ll once again unite
Spending days missing you
Wanting something new to write.



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