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When You Realize Life’s Over…

When you realize life’s over
That you made a mistake
No heros will save you
sometimes its to late

Will you stress and analyze
Mistakes that were made
Or finally think positive
As they open your grave?



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I Write To Drain My Mind…

I write to drain my mind
Leaving evidence of my past
The stories ever changing
The subjects never last

How quick I turn and realize
My past is just my past
You breeze in through my life
Then out, your not the last.


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If only life were good…

Prelude: I told one of the artists who hung their work in my art gallery to never explain his work. That it should be interpreted by the viewer and the back story almost takes from the art and it should speak for itself.

Now with that in mind, I’ve thought about not posting this because of negative response, but I’ve chosen to anyway.

Only several people in my life know about me delving into poetry, it’s my outlet and I chose not to be judged by my loved ones and peers as our life is so seldom private anymore.

So this poem: was a half-hearted joke/request in light of the ups and downs my friend was feeling about being single and many of the words or statements are part of the past conversations we’ve had about emotions.

That said, love it or hate it… it’s here to stay.

If only life were good
It wouldn’t be so bad
Then I could say for once
I’m not pathetic and sad.

If only I were happy
I wouldn’t be so lame
Then all those dating websites
Wouldn’t be the same.

I am just so dumb
I missed when I cut my wrists
But I read some new blogs
And now I get the gist.

But I’m really scared
So I’ll do it in front of an ER
But I’ll probably do that wrong too
And get hit by a car.


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As I Float Up…

As I float up to heaven
I look down and see
All the people in my life
That had truely loved me.

If only while down there
I opened my eyes
Loved all those people
Let go of the lies.

I wouldn’t be traveling
To a destination far away
Alone in ever after
The ultimate price I did pay.


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In Any Given Moment…

In any given moment
My life can turn on a dime
Every moment a conquest
My next move on the line.

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Day Light…

Day light
Sun up high
Blue skies
I wonder why
Life it passes
Mistakes amiss
Decisions made
Love’s abyss
Concave words
They sting like bees
Words I said
Drops to knees
Please understand
Perfect I’m not
Had your hand
I miss you a lot
You were the one
I know this now
Fix this I can’t
Moving on, how?


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Our Lives Are Not Determined…


Our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but by how we react to what happens, not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life, a positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, & outcomes. It is a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results.


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