I lie with him…

I lie with him
He should be you
In puzzling life
You are the glue

I may not be
Perfect as she
But in your heart
You can be free

Just admit it now
So we can go on
In lifes small plot
We are the ones

We may not be
What our parents believe
Is the one for us
The one they see

But if we run
We set our hearts free
When we return
They will then see.

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All I ever wanted…

All I ever wanted
It seems to have come true
By why this perfect man
Why is he not you…

Daydreaming of the moments
When your heart becomes aware
Only if temptations
Leave us feeling bare…

I will try to leave you be
I know she is the one
But alas our passion fumbles
When our will power comes undone…

You should stay with her
And I will be with him
Controling fate we try
Not living on a whim…

Unless our paths recross
Our hearts are both untied
Until that day they leave
My tears will remain dry…

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SiLo #2

I hope to eventually write poems to mirror the paintings…

For now my nights have been filled with wonderful therapy of painting…

Though my desk is now covered in paint; I think it looks better this way anyways 🙂

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These are some paintings & drawing that I currently have up on ebay…

I have scanned them to save them for myself, but I want to cleanse myself of my old art and find the inspiration necessary to move forward. Life is too short to get stuck 🙂

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SiLo #1

To relieve stress I have begun painting…

It’s something I have always wanted to do and never been brave enough too.

I have a cup by my computer (it’s suppose to hold pens); it’s been there for years!!! There has to be 40-50 paintbrushes in there. I fell in love with 1 of them… and started painting…

I suppose that I will post them here on this blog, since this is where my love and art seems to flow the best.

For now I will be attempting to sell them on ebay.


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A moment…

A moment of peace
A moment without
The only one
I can’t live without

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To Believe…

i was once there
i used to believe
if i would just fall
then id soon be free

if i could just wait
then you would soon see
the wonderful things
inside of me

i waited and felt
i tried to be free
but then you were him
and wouldnt believe

so i grew and i cried
i felt so ashamed
i had to grow up
and be my own name

i grew up and flourished
i was always the one
but in your minds eye
i was just for fun

now that its over
it still hurts inside
but i take each day
in great big strides

but then i met her
and she crys as i cried
and feels inside
as she might die

because in her heart
she craves to be free
she was hoping that he
would soon believe

i give her my shoulder
my words dont make sense
in her opinion
these words are too dense

one day she will see
she will fall and be free
if only she'd learned
in herself to believe.

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Friends They Lie…

When a friend tells you
It will be all right
that you will forget 
the end is bright
Do they know 
that's not the case?
have they been there
had a taste?
Because if they knew
the love I feel
They would never say
The words unreal.
Because loving you
is all I've got
No other man
Will tie this knot.

Let It Ride

If written down 
will it please be
Wont you please 
come back to me
You let me down
day after day
a wall around 
a place to play 
cause lifes pretend
with you its real 
without you i 
no longer feel
so til you come
your back with me
let it ride
i will let it be.
by BC

A Different Story…

hes the one
oh wait hes not
i cant believe
the path the spot
the man you think
will be the one
ends up being
just for fun
and then hes there
hes really true
for you to love
and to love you
and with that life
that cant be mine
he takes your hand
hes the find
and with my heart
my love so true
i give my heart
cause i love you.

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