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Coffee Cup…

As I sit. And sip my coffee
Over forty years gone by
I wonder how I ended up
With the most amazing guy

He sits there looking dashingly
Each line better then the next
Wondering. When our loving journey
Will finally come to rest

I wonder who will be the one
That’s forced to say goodbye
The thought of it concerns my soul
Just as I start to cry

Knowing what I’m thinking
As he’s done so many times before
He reassures we’ll be together
Haunting ever more



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I Missed You Last Night…

I missed you last night
With no one to nestle
My heart on the line
My emotions I wrestle

I know the past is fresh
Wounds open and new
I’m trying to be patient
I believe in you

I can’t believe anyone
Would hurt your soul
Your a beautiful angel
Sent down for your role

To be in my life
To straighten my path
To live this life
And forgive the past

The future is ours
To have and to hold
A future so bright
A future so bold

There’s nothing we need
Beyond simplicities in life
Our past may have hurt us
Put us under the knife

Maybe your my bandaid
So strong and so new
I think your my morter
My bond and my glue

So stay by my side
I won’t make mistakes
With you I’ll br true
Right now your heart aches

I can give you time
Please don’t make me wait
I’ll be here until then
This is our fate.



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Our Love Like A Unicorn…

Our love like a unicorn
To great to be real
To amazing and beautiful
To scary to feel

If you showed one emotion
Tou’d probably see
The thing that is missing
Is a person, is me.


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Searching For Something…

Searching for something
We can’t see
Maybe what was found
Was you and me

A dream and a passion
So few can find
Is now in your hands
As they hold mine

A passion so bold
To few would risk
A future so bold
I refuse to miss

I’ll risk it all
For this dream of ours
With you I’ll aim
For the proverbial stars

With art in our hearts
And passion in our souls
What’s left for love
We can’t control

They won’t understand
What we both need
Something so different
Something so free

They won’t understand
Why we dedicate our time
Why we paint, work and photograph
Our hearts on the line

The only thing I know is
At the end of the night
I’m confident and true
I found my light

With you by my side
We can’t go wrong
We’ll help each other
Our future so strong

I think what we have
Others can’t “see”
Because understanding this
Would make them free

I can’t see the future
I could care less about the past
With you by my side
I know it will last.


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I’m Kicking Ass…

I’m kicking ass
I’m taking names
Those stupid boys
Play stupid games

They will not fuck with me ever again!

You can take me here
And take me there
I’m leaving on
My underwear

I will not give you what’s not your’s to take!



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The Time Is Now…

The time is now
The time is right
The one to hold
In your arms all night

The one to caress
With your tender touch
The one who loves you
So so much

The one that drives you
So insane
Yet at the same time
Won’t leave your brain

I’m here to stay
A vow to love
A vow to believe
A vow to trust

I promise to be there
I promise to cherish
I promise to love you
Til the day I perish.



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I Can’t Believe…

I can’t believe
I did it again
I said I wouldn’t fall
And down I went


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Here You Are Before Me…

Here you are before me
Pad on desk and pen in hand
Moments linger frailly
My words you understand

Never do you question me
To you my words make sense
You spend days entertained by me
Words leave you in suspense

You sit there waiting patiently
Each word you long to read
An end we’ll never get to
But still we must proceed.


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Please Take A Number

Please take a number
The line is long
Competition is fierce
Though your chances are strong.

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What Happened To Love Letters? – Poetry

It wasn’t all that long ago
When someone fell in love
They poured all their emotions
Into the written word

They’d send it in the mail
Taken to lovers near and far
To notify their loved ones
Of exactly who they are

Each time a correspondence
Went traveling on it’s way
The momentous amount of words
Took longer then a day

Each letter written carefully
Because you only had one chance
To impress the one you loved
Each sentance a loving dance

Now with the age of technology
Love has become a bore
Just a hi, hello, I noticed you
Romance goes out the door

What ever happened to
“I noticed you from afar”
“I spent ages watching you”
“Not knowing who you are”

“I don’t know how I love you”
“But maybe you noticed me too”
“One time our eyes locked and lingered”
“A love like ours so true”

Now we spend our time wondering
Where love has gone wrong
Well maybe if you noticed
Loves been here all along

Maybe back then it was different
When you met “her” she was the one
In time when loves a freeway
Your love just comes undone

Maybe if we linger
Take a moment, take it in
We can find the love we lost
And try love once again.



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