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When You Realize Life’s Over…

When you realize life’s over
That you made a mistake
No heros will save you
sometimes its to late

Will you stress and analyze
Mistakes that were made
Or finally think positive
As they open your grave?



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Daddy’s Girl…


I know what it looks like
From up here I can see
I don’t know what’s happened
As I look down on me

I didn’t do this myself
It wasn’t my fault
Posed like his trophy
Still holding my doll

Wearing my new dress
Please daddy don’t see
What this man
Has done to me

Please don’t tell him
That he touched me
Not to worry
Now I’m at peace.


This goes out to all the missing children in this world.


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Amber In My Heart…

Amber in my heart
Spark in my soul
Say magic words
Fire will grow

Leave it to be
Fire turns to dust
Tears begin to flow
Love becomes rust.



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Coffee Cup…

As I sit. And sip my coffee
Over forty years gone by
I wonder how I ended up
With the most amazing guy

He sits there looking dashingly
Each line better then the next
Wondering. When our loving journey
Will finally come to rest

I wonder who will be the one
That’s forced to say goodbye
The thought of it concerns my soul
Just as I start to cry

Knowing what I’m thinking
As he’s done so many times before
He reassures we’ll be together
Haunting ever more



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As I Float Up…

As I float up to heaven
I look down and see
All the people in my life
That had truely loved me.

If only while down there
I opened my eyes
Loved all those people
Let go of the lies.

I wouldn’t be traveling
To a destination far away
Alone in ever after
The ultimate price I did pay.


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Heaven or Hell

A trip to heaven or hell
One you decide on
Something to think about
Something to write on.

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Eyes Closed…


Eyes closed
There you are
Eyes open
Where did you go
Eyes closed
You smile at me
Eyes open
The room is empty
Eyes closed
You reach out toward me
Eyes open
People filing in
Eyes closed
We are alone now
Eyes open
They are walking toward you
Eyes closed
I can hear you whisper
Eyes open
They whisper prayers
Eyes closed
You put your arms around me
Eyes open
They offer condolences
Eyes closed
Hold me forever
Eyes open
Let me go…


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You Don’t Get To Leave Me…

You don’t get to leave me
You never said goodbye
You don’t get to leave me
You don’t get to die.


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Darkest Day

Writen by my ex-husband… reflecting on his mother’s death.

You lifeless and still,
Twas spring but felt like winter
Gone – on your way home.

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Haikus For Yous…

Ok I know I have had a few man hating poems lately and although I wrote a few like that I don’t want to overwhelm you and make you think I’m completely bitter. I’m not I promise.

I was telling my friend the other day that I’m like a bagel. I have this tough exterior and a great personality and people think that I can handle anything. I believe this leads people to be a little less tender with my feelings.

The thing you have to remember about a bagel is that it has a soft interior. It really isn’t all balls to the wall tough guy.

My friends response, “I like bagel.”

So some bagels; I mean haikus…

Perched upon the ledge
Instinct kicks in _ fall, float, land
Moments that change us.

Walking in the rain
Wandering thoughts make me cry
Happy or sad tears.

I tend the flower
Do all the right things _ alas
Flowers wilt and die.

Wrapped up in barbed wire
No matter which way I move
I always get hurt.

Past the cloud cover
Sunshine on the horizon
Walking towards the light.

Ok so maybe these aren’t the most uplifting haikus ever… but it’s where I’m at.


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