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Maybe I’m too emo…

Trees standing bold and strong
Branches reaching far and long
Hearts week and brittle
Strength in nature never wrong.

Maybe I’m to emo
Maybe I’m to fat
Maybe I’m to thin
Maybe I’m not that.

If only I could be
Everything she is
Pretty and petit
Then it wouldn’t be like this.

Maybe if I was blonde
Brown eyes would help me out
Maybe being taller
You wouldn’t have a doubt.

I tried to change my look
I tried to change my hair
I tried being different
But still your never there.

I tried to be not crazy
You always made me feel
All the love you gave me
Was in my head, not real.

You told me to get a passport
I thought you’d fly me around the world
I went and got that passport
Your upper lip just curled.

I think you think its funny
That I am just a game
To you I’m just a number
I’ve never been a name.

If only I hadn’t entered
Through that door that day
My world would be so different
That faithful day that may.

Now I sit and wonder
Why I’m not in your life
When in future dreams you shared
You used me as your wife.

Although you think I’m crazy
I know that I am sane
I know you aren’t prince charming
Guys like you are all the same.

So I bid you farewell mentally
I choose to let you go
You can’t play your games with me
The real you I’ll never know.

I wish it was all different
My fairytale in the sky
All my dreams beneath me
Will be with another guy.

Even though I’m over it
My heart it breaks each day
If only I was better
It wouldn’t be this way.



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Don’t Pretend To Love Me…

Don’t pretend to love me
And care for words I spoke
Don’t pretend to love me
I’m not a fucking joke.

Where do you get off
Being Mr. Mr. Mean
Everytime I look at you
The real you’s never seen.


…about a time in my life awhile back

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I Closed My Eyes…

I closed my eyes
And pretend your here
Wind is whispering
Through my hair
Moments go by
But I can’t see
That it’s not you
That’s here with me.


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Darkest Day

Writen by my ex-husband… reflecting on his mother’s death.

You lifeless and still,
Twas spring but felt like winter
Gone – on your way home.

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Refresh… Refresh…

I check my email
Where did you go
You used to be here
Your energy lingers on
It must be easy for you
I know you love her
I know she loves you
But you played with my heart
And now I’m stuck
My feelings linger on
Not moving on
How quickly you came
How quickly you left
I power down…
I will never power down…



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My New Do!


Thought i’d try dark… I’m feeling a little horizontal today!

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Haikus For Yous…

Ok I know I have had a few man hating poems lately and although I wrote a few like that I don’t want to overwhelm you and make you think I’m completely bitter. I’m not I promise.

I was telling my friend the other day that I’m like a bagel. I have this tough exterior and a great personality and people think that I can handle anything. I believe this leads people to be a little less tender with my feelings.

The thing you have to remember about a bagel is that it has a soft interior. It really isn’t all balls to the wall tough guy.

My friends response, “I like bagel.”

So some bagels; I mean haikus…

Perched upon the ledge
Instinct kicks in _ fall, float, land
Moments that change us.

Walking in the rain
Wandering thoughts make me cry
Happy or sad tears.

I tend the flower
Do all the right things _ alas
Flowers wilt and die.

Wrapped up in barbed wire
No matter which way I move
I always get hurt.

Past the cloud cover
Sunshine on the horizon
Walking towards the light.

Ok so maybe these aren’t the most uplifting haikus ever… but it’s where I’m at.


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