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Last Night I Was Open…

Last night I was open

I went out on a limb

I invited you out

You agreed with a grin.

I waited with a smile

You said & you lied

You told me you couldn’t make it

I read your message & cried.



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I’m Doing To You…

I’m doing to you
What he did to me
Reversing the rolls
I cannot see.

The pain you feel
It looks like yearning
But your heart it aches
Your heart is burning.

I’ve been there before
I know your pain
I know how it feels
I’ve felt the same.

But still I play
I’m the cat your the mouse
I chase you up walls
All over the house.

Of mice and men
From venus to mars
Chasing you as always
My heart has no bars.

Rules and regulations
You ask me to stay
The second you do
is the second I stray.

I know it’s not you
Your an amazing guy
But when you are mine
I have a roaming eye.

How can someone
Not perfect for me
Be perfect for her
And this I can’t see.


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