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At 1am…

At 1 am I think of you
Your with me in my dreams
At 5 am I think of you
I’m quickly losing sleep

At 12 pm I yearn for you
To hold you in my arms
At 5pm I run to you
Turning on your charms

At 7 pm I lay with you
We watch a show or two
At 10 pm I lie with you
Your loving arms so new

At 11 pm I fall asleep
I feel so safe and warm
At any time of day
I realize I’m home.



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What If You Write…

What if you write
For a girl you love
And when I write
It’s for a guy I think of.

But when we write
We are writing together
For fate’s hands & mind
Is our choreographer.

Bringing us together
One syllable at a time
One more word and thought
Just one more rhyme.

She broke your heart
He broke mine too
A love found like ours
May seem taboo.

We write the same words
A mix here or there
A rhyme with same feelings
Through time, space and air.

But what is the ending
A chapter left unwritten
A life in the making
A story justs beginning.



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