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To Believe…

i was once there
i used to believe
if i would just fall
then id soon be free

if i could just wait
then you would soon see
the wonderful things
inside of me

i waited and felt
i tried to be free
but then you were him
and wouldnt believe

so i grew and i cried
i felt so ashamed
i had to grow up
and be my own name

i grew up and flourished
i was always the one
but in your minds eye
i was just for fun

now that its over
it still hurts inside
but i take each day
in great big strides

but then i met her
and she crys as i cried
and feels inside
as she might die

because in her heart
she craves to be free
she was hoping that he
would soon believe

i give her my shoulder
my words dont make sense
in her opinion
these words are too dense

one day she will see
she will fall and be free
if only she'd learned
in herself to believe.

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If only life were good…

Prelude: I told one of the artists who hung their work in my art gallery to never explain his work. That it should be interpreted by the viewer and the back story almost takes from the art and it should speak for itself.

Now with that in mind, I’ve thought about not posting this because of negative response, but I’ve chosen to anyway.

Only several people in my life know about me delving into poetry, it’s my outlet and I chose not to be judged by my loved ones and peers as our life is so seldom private anymore.

So this poem: was a half-hearted joke/request in light of the ups and downs my friend was feeling about being single and many of the words or statements are part of the past conversations we’ve had about emotions.

That said, love it or hate it… it’s here to stay.

If only life were good
It wouldn’t be so bad
Then I could say for once
I’m not pathetic and sad.

If only I were happy
I wouldn’t be so lame
Then all those dating websites
Wouldn’t be the same.

I am just so dumb
I missed when I cut my wrists
But I read some new blogs
And now I get the gist.

But I’m really scared
So I’ll do it in front of an ER
But I’ll probably do that wrong too
And get hit by a car.


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As I Float Up…

As I float up to heaven
I look down and see
All the people in my life
That had truely loved me.

If only while down there
I opened my eyes
Loved all those people
Let go of the lies.

I wouldn’t be traveling
To a destination far away
Alone in ever after
The ultimate price I did pay.


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You Don’t Get To Leave Me…

You don’t get to leave me
You never said goodbye
You don’t get to leave me
You don’t get to die.


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