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Behind My Skin…

Behind my skin
And deep within
A feeling unexplained

To feel so real
An achilles heel
Things inside me changed

The way I felt
My heart just melts
Emotions can’t be trained

Until what you see
Is the reel me
To your love I will be chained

A long time past
Our love still lasts
My heart has been detained

I can’t believe
On one dark eve
Our love is ascertained.



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Progressive Haiku

By progression, I mean the meaning of my current feelings…

I’m an aries, so I’m all over the place with feelings…

Your words drive me wild
you can’t touch me with those hands,
touch me _ lines, eyes, smile


Your breath is the wind
your words touch me like fingers
no arms around me


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Potential New Tattoo…


So my ex-husband came up with this idea for a tattoo and I totally love it. I’m thinking this will be the first tattoo I will get. What do you think?

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Haiku_God Bless You

Nothing religious about these…

Just my attempt at Haikus…

Comments always welcome…

Embrace in the night
All my worries out the door
Can’t last forever

I feel your heart beat
Closer now, I hear you breathe
Your smile is my sun

My skin once was new
I can see the moments pass
Like rings on a tree

Tears of joy I cry
You come to me. You leave me.
Tears of woe I cry

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