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I Stood Still…

I stood still too long
Vines wound around me
Now with eyes covered
True love I can’t see

Beyond the green
Is a world outside
I should have moved
At least have tried

I’ll gain control
And cut them down
I won’t stop ’til
I’m on solid ground.



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If only life were good…

Prelude: I told one of the artists who hung their work in my art gallery to never explain his work. That it should be interpreted by the viewer and the back story almost takes from the art and it should speak for itself.

Now with that in mind, I’ve thought about not posting this because of negative response, but I’ve chosen to anyway.

Only several people in my life know about me delving into poetry, it’s my outlet and I chose not to be judged by my loved ones and peers as our life is so seldom private anymore.

So this poem: was a half-hearted joke/request in light of the ups and downs my friend was feeling about being single and many of the words or statements are part of the past conversations we’ve had about emotions.

That said, love it or hate it… it’s here to stay.

If only life were good
It wouldn’t be so bad
Then I could say for once
I’m not pathetic and sad.

If only I were happy
I wouldn’t be so lame
Then all those dating websites
Wouldn’t be the same.

I am just so dumb
I missed when I cut my wrists
But I read some new blogs
And now I get the gist.

But I’m really scared
So I’ll do it in front of an ER
But I’ll probably do that wrong too
And get hit by a car.


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Maybe I’m too emo…

Trees standing bold and strong
Branches reaching far and long
Hearts week and brittle
Strength in nature never wrong.

Maybe I’m to emo
Maybe I’m to fat
Maybe I’m to thin
Maybe I’m not that.

If only I could be
Everything she is
Pretty and petit
Then it wouldn’t be like this.

Maybe if I was blonde
Brown eyes would help me out
Maybe being taller
You wouldn’t have a doubt.

I tried to change my look
I tried to change my hair
I tried being different
But still your never there.

I tried to be not crazy
You always made me feel
All the love you gave me
Was in my head, not real.

You told me to get a passport
I thought you’d fly me around the world
I went and got that passport
Your upper lip just curled.

I think you think its funny
That I am just a game
To you I’m just a number
I’ve never been a name.

If only I hadn’t entered
Through that door that day
My world would be so different
That faithful day that may.

Now I sit and wonder
Why I’m not in your life
When in future dreams you shared
You used me as your wife.

Although you think I’m crazy
I know that I am sane
I know you aren’t prince charming
Guys like you are all the same.

So I bid you farewell mentally
I choose to let you go
You can’t play your games with me
The real you I’ll never know.

I wish it was all different
My fairytale in the sky
All my dreams beneath me
Will be with another guy.

Even though I’m over it
My heart it breaks each day
If only I was better
It wouldn’t be this way.



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I Lay Here Again… (poetry)

This kind of came to me as I headed for bed.

I lay here again
All alone
Where are you
You are not home

Then I realize
You aren’t real
And lay here wondering
What’s the deal

It must be me
Because it’s not you
I’m all alone
It’s nothing new.


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