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Straight from the heart…

Whether this turns out to be a drunk girls ramblings or some great poem… so it will be…

You have the nerve to judge me
I went out to be alone
To be the person I used to be
Before I felt at home

I wouldnt be abusing me
If I didn’t feel so low
I only feel this way because
You leave me all alone

Did you seriously expect
For me not to fall in love
With the kids you left me with
You stupid son of a bitch

Keep in mind I know that it
Didn’t rhyme at all
I lay here in my bed
So far past the fall

You make me feel like shit
My dogs in love with you
Well she’s not the only one
But I’m not the one to chose

I want to tell you off
your not the one for me
But then I would be blind
the future I can’t see

You ass
You will break my heart
Problem is…
It will some how
Be only my fault!

You don’t deserve to be cherished by me!


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Passion is wrong
Passions a plague
Sinister rumors
Started so vague

I toss and I tumble
Down proverbial stairs
While my heart is tortured
By all my fears

To be alone
To not find love
To run and hide
I float above

Stray from the right
Hang on the wrong
My heart it bleeds
Your words the thorn.



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Searching For Something…

Searching for something
We can’t see
Maybe what was found
Was you and me

A dream and a passion
So few can find
Is now in your hands
As they hold mine

A passion so bold
To few would risk
A future so bold
I refuse to miss

I’ll risk it all
For this dream of ours
With you I’ll aim
For the proverbial stars

With art in our hearts
And passion in our souls
What’s left for love
We can’t control

They won’t understand
What we both need
Something so different
Something so free

They won’t understand
Why we dedicate our time
Why we paint, work and photograph
Our hearts on the line

The only thing I know is
At the end of the night
I’m confident and true
I found my light

With you by my side
We can’t go wrong
We’ll help each other
Our future so strong

I think what we have
Others can’t “see”
Because understanding this
Would make them free

I can’t see the future
I could care less about the past
With you by my side
I know it will last.


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I’m Kicking Ass…

I’m kicking ass
I’m taking names
Those stupid boys
Play stupid games

They will not fuck with me ever again!

You can take me here
And take me there
I’m leaving on
My underwear

I will not give you what’s not your’s to take!



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I Saw You…

Inspired by one of the poets on wordpress I’m going to attempt a different style… comments always welcome.

I saw you
You saw me
There was a
It was
Just us
& no one
No one
To interfere
Out of
Burst into
Hot flames
A blaze
And then
Your moment
But it all
Came to late
Part of
Each others


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Mountains… Love… Passion…

The key to my heart
A chastity to mountains
appreciate me…


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