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Walking On Glass…

I walk on glass
And hold it inside
How I feel
I show you a lie

I want to share
This life we have
Not as a friend
My hearts in half

It kills me inside
To think that my life
Will be taken away
Another girl your wife

These beautiful kids
Who steal my heart
If you leave
Will tear me apart

I’m not only falling
For the man before me
I’m falling
For the family we could be.


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Coffee Cup…

As I sit. And sip my coffee
Over forty years gone by
I wonder how I ended up
With the most amazing guy

He sits there looking dashingly
Each line better then the next
Wondering. When our loving journey
Will finally come to rest

I wonder who will be the one
That’s forced to say goodbye
The thought of it concerns my soul
Just as I start to cry

Knowing what I’m thinking
As he’s done so many times before
He reassures we’ll be together
Haunting ever more



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Day Light…

Day light
Sun up high
Blue skies
I wonder why
Life it passes
Mistakes amiss
Decisions made
Love’s abyss
Concave words
They sting like bees
Words I said
Drops to knees
Please understand
Perfect I’m not
Had your hand
I miss you a lot
You were the one
I know this now
Fix this I can’t
Moving on, how?


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