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What If You Write…

What if you write
For a girl you love
And when I write
It’s for a guy I think of.

But when we write
We are writing together
For fate’s hands & mind
Is our choreographer.

Bringing us together
One syllable at a time
One more word and thought
Just one more rhyme.

She broke your heart
He broke mine too
A love found like ours
May seem taboo.

We write the same words
A mix here or there
A rhyme with same feelings
Through time, space and air.

But what is the ending
A chapter left unwritten
A life in the making
A story justs beginning.



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I Just Realized!

In this moment I realized

I’m a super cool dork

Sitting alone at a bar

I suddenly look up.

Surrounded by people

Yet I’m still alone

Pen & notebook in hand

Writing down my poem.

They probably sit and wonder

Who is that girl?

Who feels no pressure

alone in the world.

Comfortable with her laptop

With her pad, pen, paper and beer

No one knows the real truth

I wish you were here.



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