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I Missed You Last Night…

I missed you last night
With no one to nestle
My heart on the line
My emotions I wrestle

I know the past is fresh
Wounds open and new
I’m trying to be patient
I believe in you

I can’t believe anyone
Would hurt your soul
Your a beautiful angel
Sent down for your role

To be in my life
To straighten my path
To live this life
And forgive the past

The future is ours
To have and to hold
A future so bright
A future so bold

There’s nothing we need
Beyond simplicities in life
Our past may have hurt us
Put us under the knife

Maybe your my bandaid
So strong and so new
I think your my morter
My bond and my glue

So stay by my side
I won’t make mistakes
With you I’ll br true
Right now your heart aches

I can give you time
Please don’t make me wait
I’ll be here until then
This is our fate.



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What If You Write…

What if you write
For a girl you love
And when I write
It’s for a guy I think of.

But when we write
We are writing together
For fate’s hands & mind
Is our choreographer.

Bringing us together
One syllable at a time
One more word and thought
Just one more rhyme.

She broke your heart
He broke mine too
A love found like ours
May seem taboo.

We write the same words
A mix here or there
A rhyme with same feelings
Through time, space and air.

But what is the ending
A chapter left unwritten
A life in the making
A story justs beginning.



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Random Thoughts… So Not Poetic…

So while driving today, I was listening to a song and one of the lyrics was something along the lines of, “in the mirror, the person looking back at me.” All I could think was, that bitch doesn’t look at me… She stares!

I also was recently thinking about relationships and I believe a few years ago their was a study on the percentage of “coupled” people in certain towns. Providence RI (my current residence) was voted one of the most “coupled” cities. Now I’ve met people at bars or clubs, gotten their telephone numbers, called them (because that’s what you do with a number), and had the, “oh my girlfriend,” line thrown out at me more then once. My question to you is, “then why give it?” But after “dating” and being in the scene for the past 3 years, I’ve realized the problem isn’t that people are “coupled” it’s that they can’t let go. People stay in relationships because they are safe, they don’t have to date, they don’t want to be out there again, not because they are in love. I know more people in unhealthy relationships that stay for all the wrong reasons. Maybe I’m the one who’s “wrong” because I’m the one who goes home alone… But hey, my dog is an amazing spooner and doesn’t give me shit for my bad behavior! (I’m not as much of a rockstar as I pretend to be)… So that got me thinking (I think often, I think to much!) When you meet me there are two ways this can go… Either you are religious and I’m a test or your not and I’m fate! Of course I realize that only makes sense if you meet me and there is that jaw dropping reaction where you both just look at each other and realize while noticing whether consciously or subconsciously that the other person has the most amazing energy and just screams amazing aura. You look at that person and you just wonder where they have been all your life… And that’s before either one of you even open your mouth… But then again, this is one of the most coupled cities in the US, so please let fate pass you by, go back to her, where you know you will spend some, maybe most, maybe all of your life with someone who is safe.

Ok, I’m done being bitter. I promise… I’m blaming PMS. 🙂

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