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Walking On Glass…

I walk on glass
And hold it inside
How I feel
I show you a lie

I want to share
This life we have
Not as a friend
My hearts in half

It kills me inside
To think that my life
Will be taken away
Another girl your wife

These beautiful kids
Who steal my heart
If you leave
Will tear me apart

I’m not only falling
For the man before me
I’m falling
For the family we could be.


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Things I Noticed 12/14/08

This came out of my journal where I started “being an explorer of the world.”

I’m sitting in my parlor with Evan. The Schnauzer just walked in and sat beside me. Here are 10 things I noticed.

1. my xmas tree isn’t lit.
2. My heater is clicking.
3. The balls on my tree aren’t straight.
4. Thomas noticed dog pee on the floor.
5. There’s lots of wires behind the tv.
6. Someone put a rubix cube on the TV.
7. Rockband drum stick’s are on the floor.
8. Any movie recently watched has been yet to be put away.
9. My purple walls are shiny.
10. The only guitar turned backwards is the guitarhero guitar.

Memories from the past…

Your turn… 10 observations… that you hadn’t previously noticed.

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