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For Some Stupid Reason…

For some stupid reason
They come out of the wood
They surround me in droves
Maybe some of them good.

But how can I see
Who deserves my time
When there are too many
For just one to shine.

So I sift and I ponder
With my brick wall up
While I try to figure out
And not get stuck.

If only I could be
A better judge of character
I wouldn’t pick the loser
A’d find you before her.


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Last Night I Was Open…

Last night I was open

I went out on a limb

I invited you out

You agreed with a grin.

I waited with a smile

You said & you lied

You told me you couldn’t make it

I read your message & cried.



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I Will Miss You, I Will Miss Us…

I think I finally realize
That what you want from me is wrong
I’m a piece on the game board
And she is just your pawn.

I can’t be a part of
Something that isn’t right
My conscious and my morals
Today equal my light.

You somehow seem different
You somehow seem strange
You say that you love her
But your feelings have changed.

I don’t know if you love me
I don’t know if I care
All I know is I wish
I wish you were here.



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Maybe I’m too emo…

Trees standing bold and strong
Branches reaching far and long
Hearts week and brittle
Strength in nature never wrong.

Maybe I’m to emo
Maybe I’m to fat
Maybe I’m to thin
Maybe I’m not that.

If only I could be
Everything she is
Pretty and petit
Then it wouldn’t be like this.

Maybe if I was blonde
Brown eyes would help me out
Maybe being taller
You wouldn’t have a doubt.

I tried to change my look
I tried to change my hair
I tried being different
But still your never there.

I tried to be not crazy
You always made me feel
All the love you gave me
Was in my head, not real.

You told me to get a passport
I thought you’d fly me around the world
I went and got that passport
Your upper lip just curled.

I think you think its funny
That I am just a game
To you I’m just a number
I’ve never been a name.

If only I hadn’t entered
Through that door that day
My world would be so different
That faithful day that may.

Now I sit and wonder
Why I’m not in your life
When in future dreams you shared
You used me as your wife.

Although you think I’m crazy
I know that I am sane
I know you aren’t prince charming
Guys like you are all the same.

So I bid you farewell mentally
I choose to let you go
You can’t play your games with me
The real you I’ll never know.

I wish it was all different
My fairytale in the sky
All my dreams beneath me
Will be with another guy.

Even though I’m over it
My heart it breaks each day
If only I was better
It wouldn’t be this way.



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I Closed My Eyes…

I closed my eyes
And pretend your here
Wind is whispering
Through my hair
Moments go by
But I can’t see
That it’s not you
That’s here with me.


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Random Thoughts… So Not Poetic…

So while driving today, I was listening to a song and one of the lyrics was something along the lines of, “in the mirror, the person looking back at me.” All I could think was, that bitch doesn’t look at me… She stares!

I also was recently thinking about relationships and I believe a few years ago their was a study on the percentage of “coupled” people in certain towns. Providence RI (my current residence) was voted one of the most “coupled” cities. Now I’ve met people at bars or clubs, gotten their telephone numbers, called them (because that’s what you do with a number), and had the, “oh my girlfriend,” line thrown out at me more then once. My question to you is, “then why give it?” But after “dating” and being in the scene for the past 3 years, I’ve realized the problem isn’t that people are “coupled” it’s that they can’t let go. People stay in relationships because they are safe, they don’t have to date, they don’t want to be out there again, not because they are in love. I know more people in unhealthy relationships that stay for all the wrong reasons. Maybe I’m the one who’s “wrong” because I’m the one who goes home alone… But hey, my dog is an amazing spooner and doesn’t give me shit for my bad behavior! (I’m not as much of a rockstar as I pretend to be)… So that got me thinking (I think often, I think to much!) When you meet me there are two ways this can go… Either you are religious and I’m a test or your not and I’m fate! Of course I realize that only makes sense if you meet me and there is that jaw dropping reaction where you both just look at each other and realize while noticing whether consciously or subconsciously that the other person has the most amazing energy and just screams amazing aura. You look at that person and you just wonder where they have been all your life… And that’s before either one of you even open your mouth… But then again, this is one of the most coupled cities in the US, so please let fate pass you by, go back to her, where you know you will spend some, maybe most, maybe all of your life with someone who is safe.

Ok, I’m done being bitter. I promise… I’m blaming PMS. 🙂

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