Friends They Lie…

When a friend tells you
It will be all right
that you will forget 
the end is bright
Do they know 
that's not the case?
have they been there
had a taste?
Because if they knew
the love I feel
They would never say
The words unreal.
Because loving you
is all I've got
No other man
Will tie this knot.

Let It Ride

If written down 
will it please be
Wont you please 
come back to me
You let me down
day after day
a wall around 
a place to play 
cause lifes pretend
with you its real 
without you i 
no longer feel
so til you come
your back with me
let it ride
i will let it be.
by BC

A Different Story…

hes the one
oh wait hes not
i cant believe
the path the spot
the man you think
will be the one
ends up being
just for fun
and then hes there
hes really true
for you to love
and to love you
and with that life
that cant be mine
he takes your hand
hes the find
and with my heart
my love so true
i give my heart
cause i love you.

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Wishing My Emotions…

Wishing my emotions
Could somehow be tamed
A lion in the circus
So easily slaved
Without a moments notice
A reaction so fast
My love and my passion
Can’t be grasped
Can’t cage me and keep me
Away from the world
Alone in position
Just waiting to purr
But you abuse me and leave me
I feel so alone
Waiting for your love
Won’t you please take me home
A moment of safety
My heart can rest
But just as it does
The feeling does pass
I put too much faith
In emotion of heart
A sad lonely girl
So broken apart.


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Which part…

One wish
Which part
So many parts
Of this climb
The hike
So steep
Which part
Is worth this fall
The fall
So far
Far from the truth
The truth
I tell
The lies
Which lies
Beneath the floor
So floored
The truth…
It lies.


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Behind My Skin…

Behind my skin
And deep within
A feeling unexplained

To feel so real
An achilles heel
Things inside me changed

The way I felt
My heart just melts
Emotions can’t be trained

Until what you see
Is the reel me
To your love I will be chained

A long time past
Our love still lasts
My heart has been detained

I can’t believe
On one dark eve
Our love is ascertained.



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How do I miss?

How do I miss
Something I’ve never had
All this time
And still so sad
For things not had
And things I’ve lost
Out of all the dreams
I love you most.



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