Explore Your World Part 1

11 May

Let’s explore our world…

Look around you, where ever you are and post 10 things you’ve never noticed before.

1. The cubicle walls look like they are covered in bird wings.
2. My honey dew cup says, “please dew be careful.”
3. Scotch made my tape dispenser… big gold ad on the front… that’s hot.
4. I left my hair clip om my shelf unit. No wonder I can never find them.
5. I am literally dead center to 4 sprinklers… I’m gonna get wet!
6. The girl across from me has a coffee that says marylous. Its a pretty pink cup. Wonder if any guys go to that shop.
7. There is a football on the floor.
8. The guy down the aisle from me spells o’neill like that… always thought it was 1 l.
9. My coffee is cold.
10. There’s an outlet on the ceiling… we need a lamp and chair up their too that would be so rock star.

Your turn

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